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Yemen and Somalia have been receiving some attention in the months since 9/11, so here are a few maps that I've developed, they still need lots more work. (If you are a commercial organisation you could buy the fully detailed GIS).

I am unfamiliar with the status of Somaliland and it's relationship with Somalia. My maps are concerned with the geographic details and do not imply anything about the political status of Somalia/Somaliland.

The colours that I normally use for contour polygons are chosen to suit lush, wet South East Asia and don't look right for dry barren Yemen. I have temporarily introduced a new set of contour colours which I thought might better represent this area. I haven't prepared a legend yet. To my surprise, North Somalia has some lush forested hills, so my contour colouring is misleading. It looks an interesting place for the adventurous traveller :-)

The map data for Somalia has quite a few errors and omissions. Contour polygons are a problem, especially with North Somalia. There are many errors in the original elevation data which makes it very difficult to convert contour-lines to polygons. There are also missing 'inland waters'. The roads, in the orginal database, which came from the US military, for the southern half of Somalia have been corrupted.

Map of Somalia & Yemen

These maps have been developed from the
Digital Maps of The World, DMW 1 & DMW 2b

Detailed Maps

It's a pity these are just screen dumps of around 800 x 1000 pixels, when they are done full size all the detail comes out, they are fantastic, (but that's commercial and costs money ;-(


North West Yemen

Central Western Yemen

Southern Yemen

Eastern Yemen


Somalia, with District Capital

Northern Somalia

Around Laas Qoray

Southern Somalia

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