Peter Loud

I am a retired Management Information Systems Specialist who has worked in Asia, mostly Indonesia, on a variety of development projects.

A while back I was part of an EC mission in The Philippines, before that I was working in The Maldives developing a GIS, (Geographic Information System), to help planning and regional development.

Before that I was working with UNHCR in Timor and before that in The Bahamas, developing a GIS to allow speedy development decisions through environmental impact assessments.

Other work includes creating GIS's for conservation projects in West Papua and Sulawesi with WWF, and the setting up of GIS units for land use planning throughout Indonesia. Earlier work includes the development of computer models for irrigation and flood control.

Before Indonesia I worked in management, computer training, ergonomics, medical physics and engineering. I started off, at 16, as a Shell Tankers Engineer Apprentice, then did a degree in engineering in the late 1960's, that was when it was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a working class youth to go to university ;-)

When not working, I'd spend much of my time travelling, usually in Indonesia. A while back I even managed to find time to sail across the Indian Ocean, from Bali to Mauritius.

Nowadays I spend most of my time pottering around on the computer and taking a few photographs. I occasionally pass my time playing the fiddle or the concertina. Mostly I play Northumbrian and Irish traditional music and publish a tunebook of them. My photography is better than my fiddling ;-( Check out my photos. They are not bad and probably the only thing that will will live after me :-( Currently I'm taking it easy thinking about what to do next :-)

I often spend the cold, miserable English winter in South East Asia. (It's cheaper than paying British Gas heating bills ;-)

I suspect that my websites expressing my opposition to Western aggression, right-wing militarism and giving facts on Israeli treatment of Palestinians might give the wrong impression. I'm a quiet guy who leads a reclusive life.

In case you missed this Traveller's Tale on my Indonesia website:

A Day in The Life Of . . .

If you'd like to email me, it's: Peter Loud

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