Photographs by Peter Loud

Stained Glass Windows

These are a few of the stained glass windows that I particularly like.
So that you can see the detail I created larger images that I normally would include in a webpage.

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Industrial Heritage Window by Joseph Nuttgens, 2006
St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Window by Douglas Strachan, St. Aiden's Church, Bamburgh, Northumberland.
This window is packed with wildlife. There are birds, animals, sea-shells, plants.

Wildlife detail

The Bridge Hotel, next to the High Level Bridge, Newcastle.
A magnificent Victorian pub with more stained glass windows and panels than a church.

St. Nicholas
St. Thomas's Church, Simpson, Milton Keynes

St. Nicholas
St. Nicholas Cathedral Church,
Newcastle upon Tyne.

It was The Mauretania that I was really after.


Art Deco Windows from St. James' Church, New Bradwell, Milton Keynes

More Windows by Joseph Nuttgens
My apologies for being over-representative of the windows of Joseph Nuttgens. It's just that since taking a bit more care with windows photography I have not been out to many places. Not only that, I prefer secular windows and windows that are more than the usual rows of saints, and I greatly admire his work.

The Last Supper Window at St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral, in Newcastle, by Joseph Nuttgens

The Eucharist Window

The Mary Magdalene Window

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... and few other places of prayer in distant places.

Northumbrian Churches, UK.

Milton Keynes Churches, UK.

. . . and a few Chinese temples.

Cheah Kongsi,
Penang, Malaysia

Teo Chew Kongsi
Penang, Malaysia

Yeoh Kongsi,
Penang, Malaysia

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