Photographs by Peter Loud

Cathedral Church of
St. Nicholas

Newcastle upon Tyne

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The Canon's Stalls
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Indian Mutiny Window

East Window

I liked this Laing memorial window because of the Mauretania panel.


I recently photographed these and have no details yet.

This window shows Judas with a black halo, his hand on a bag of money, next to the wine too.
This makes me wonder where would the Christian religion be if the wicked Judas had not betrayed his master?

Misericords by Ralph Hedley
"A misericord, (sometimes named mercy seat), is a small wooden shelf on the underside of a folding seat in a church,
installed to provide a degree of comfort for a person who has to stand during long periods of prayer. - Wikipedia

Yesterday, 20 Aug. 15, I photographed several misericords in the choir that were carved by Ralph Hedley.
Here are a few, there are more misericords here.

. . . and another.

. . . and another.

. . . and another.

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When in Newcastle check out this Industrial Heritage window in
St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral.

It is the most interesting window I have ever seen. It is only a few minutes walk from St. Nic's.
... and few other places of prayer in distant places.

Northumbrian Churches, UK.

Milton Keynes Churches, UK.

. . . and a few Chinese temples.

Cheah Kongsi,
Penang, Malaysia

Teo Chew Kongsi
Penang, Malaysia

Yeoh Kongsi,
Penang, Malaysia

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