Old Maps of Blyth

Cobbled together by Peter Loud

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Blyth, c.1828

Blyth Region, c.1860

Ashington & Newbiggin down to Cramilington & Seaton Sluice, c.1897

Higher Resolution Cambois, Cowpen, Newsham & Blyth, c.1897

Blyth, c.1920

Blyth, c.1922

Cambois, c.1922

Blyth, c.1937

Newsham and New Delaval, c.1937

Blyth, 1948-51

Later maps of Blyth.
I would like to include a map of Blyth, c.1960, but I am unsure of copyright restrictions, so I am hanging back.

For me, Blyth then, c.1960, was at its best. I am so proud of what Blyth was. Blyth was full of council houses immaculately maintained, with tidy, well-kept, hedged font gardens and reasonable-sized back gardens. This was British socialism. Those council houses of the 1950s, and before, were built to higher standards than starter homes are today.

Then the Tories forced local authorities to sell them off to the well-off working class, who had an eye to a quick £££. I am not criticising those council house tenants who bought. Given such an opportunity they would be fools not to take it. Now, 2017, it is Nationalism, UKIP Natsies, every man for himself and stuff anyone poorer or different to me.

The History of Blyth

Norman Times to 1869

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A computer game about the development of Northumberland

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School Photos from Blyth
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