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Home Sweet Home

Newcastle upon Tyne, c.1973

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Heaton, 1970s

Byker, 1970s

Byker, 1970s

High-rise flats, c.1972

Noble Street, c.1972

The Men's Palace, The Salvation Army

In the 1960s I was a student at what was then Rutherford College of Technolgy.
While I was there it became Newcastle Polytechnic and is now University of Northumbria.
I lived in the college Hall of Residence in 1965/6 this was the view from my window.


Wallsend, 1975

It was in this street, or perhaps that next to it, where pop-singer Sting was brought up.
His father was a milkman. I often wonder whether Sting's father delivered that bottle of milk.

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