Photographs by Peter Loud

Hard Times

Newcastle upon Tyne, 1970s

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Sorry folks, my dates are screwed up. I suspect that most of these shots were in 1975, not 1973.
I'll check it out and fix them asap.

This shot, and the big opening image, lay unappreciated among my old negatives for decades. When I came to digitise my old negs. I rediscovered it and felt that the opening shot was a very good portrait, bear in mind this was street photography, not studio photography. For me portraits are not about beautiful skin tones and sharp hair and eyelash detail, they are about conveying how the person lives.

Identity theft, impersonation and abuse

Over the past few months, (2013), I have been subject to identity theft, impersonation on internet, threatening and offensive, abusive emails. The guy doing this has set up webpages supposedly set up by me, to sell or give away my copyright photos, and/or have been abusive. He uses email addresses that incorporate my name.

The person is a 70+ year old ex-art teacher who lived in Newcastle. He now hangs around Chiang Mai, Thailand. I shall not give you his name, or show you his photograph but I have considerable details on this guy. I have never met this guy and had no involvement with him until he took an personal dislike to me a few years ago. Other people have had similar experiences with this guy, you can find out more from this blog, or for details of his offensive behaviour check out,

In the past he has tried to involve another photographer and now threatens to contact musicians from the North East in order to embarrass me. I apologise for any confusion, embarrassment and irritation he might cause you.

When you look at this image and see the grease impregnated jacket that he's wearing you might think the guy unwashed. That can not be the case. His personal hygiene must have been 100%, otherwise I would not have been able to photograph, so sharply, individual hairs in his beard. Same with the next guy. How would you explain their situation and attitudes ?

I recently re-discovered these negatives that I shot at the Quayside in 1966.
This was, not just before digital cameras, but before SLR's and before I developed an interest in photography.

Salvation Army, Men's Palace, Newcastle upon Tyne, c.1975

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