Photographs by Peter Loud

People, Yogyakarta, 2013-14

Most of my photos of Yogya are about the people of Yogya and the way they live.
These photos didn't fit into the other categories so I created a "People" webpage.
My favourite subject is women in traditional dress.
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I always meet lots of very friendly & pleasant students, 2010

These students were collecting money for victims of the eruption of volcano Kelud, 2014

Woman selling drinks at the alun-alun selatan, 2014

Traditional Dress
I would see lots of women, usually elderly, in beautiful traditional dress. Often they were without shoes or sandals. I did not know if they were poor, or just on their way to or from the market. For me these women were the most interesting and attractive women in Yogya.

Traditional Dress

Traditional Dress

Flower Seller, outside Pasar Beringharjo, 2013
Flower Seller, Pasar Beringharjo, Yogya

Domestic tourist, Kraton, 2014

Ibu Jammu

It's not all old people, these wonderful school children were visiting the Kraton.
I had to take a photo to send to my 5 year old grand-daughter.

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