Photographs by Peter Loud

Hard Times,
Yogyakarta, 2013-14

In Yogya I see many people who have a very hard life. Some try to work, but scrape a bare living, some are begging and a few have physical and mental handicaps. I photograph these people for two reasons. I hope that my photographs will encourage people, especially politicians with multiple houses and luxury cars, to make an effort to help these disadvantaged people, and as a record of social history. I feel it important that in years to come Indonesians understand the life that their ancestors went through. Life must be very hard if you live in a state with no social security benefits, are old and do not have family to support you.
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I first saw this destitute guy near the Kraton in 2013. When I returned a year later I would see him most days.
I suspect that he was mentally handicapped. There were one or two other guys who looked very similar to him.

There are lots of people having a hard time.

When I saw this woman with a wheelbarrow full of bags, I first thought that she must be mad 'bag lady'. She wasn't. She was friendly and pleasant. She survived by collecting rubbish and selling it. At night she slept under that hedge, which surrounds the alun-alun. When it rained she pulled a sheet of plastic over herself.

I was delighted to be able to take her a print of a photo of her.

Jl. Tirtodipuran, 2013

I'd often see this nice old girl around Jl. Ahmet Yani.

She wasn't begging, but seemed to have a hard life.
I had a photo print for her, but I couldn't find her again to give it to her.

After giving this woman a few Rupiah her brief friendliness was soon replaced with a demand for more money.

This guy and his son seemed to live in this becak. Most days I would see and speak to them, and a few others, who lived in the open at the alun-alun selatan. I gave a print of this photo to the boy, he was overjoyed.

This woman slept and begged outside the main post office in Yogya, 2014.


She was well-dressed etc., just destitute,  2014.

A regular at the Kraton, 2014

A blind woman being led by another woman, 2014

I came across this guy in 2010 and again in 2014


Images Copyright Peter Loud, 1970-2015

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