Photographs by Peter Loud

Becak, Medan, Sumatra

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Mesjid Raya, Medan
Most of my 2014 becak photos were taken in the roads alongside Mesjid Raya.

Becak, Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia, 2014
This was the Medan becak as I knew it in 1993. The chair was a sidecar
with a collapsible hood and a load of steelwork in front of the chair.

Becak Motor, Medan, 1997
In 1990s there were also motor becak, which had small mopeds to pull them.

Becak, Medan, 2014
I eventually returned in 2014. By then the pedal becak had almost disappeared.
The motor becak were propelled by relatively modern small motorcycles.

Motor Becak, Medan, 2014

Motor Becak, Medan, 2014
In March 2014 most of them had a cover made from election or advertising banners.
It spoilt their looks but gave weather protection.

Motor Becak, Medan, 2014

Motor Becak, Medan, 2014
Some have full cover.

Motor Becak, Medan, 2014

BSA Becak, North Sumatra, 2014

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