Areas in Indonesia
Devastated by the 2004 Tsunami


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These maps & website were put together in a rush so don't expect fancy work. Some datasets have different name for the same place. I don't have time to resolve all of those anomalies at the moment. There are several large images being downloaded on this website, it may be slow if you have a dial-up connection, but there are plenty things to examine while the other images are coming.



Overview of areas hit by tsunami.

Tsunami Zone

Tsunami Zone


Northern tip of Sumatra.


Simeulue & Nias

Islands off the West Coast of Sumatra devastated by the Earthquake in March 2005.

Nias Map


Further down the West Coast of Sumatra.

Padang & Siberut

Scanned paper maps of the coastal region.

For a detailed maps of the coastal region download these large maps. These are composites from the BAKO 1:50,000 series of maps, more info. further down. Excuse my blocking out much of the detail, it was necessary to keep the image size down. These are much more detailed than the maps below.

North West Aceh. 3.2Mb

Meulaboh area 3.0Mb.

These maps are incomplete and not well presented, but they give some good details, and it shows how the villages are right on the coast. They will have been hit very hard.

Banda Aceh.

You can see how the whole city is low lying, the people didn't stand a chance.
Banda Aceh

Coastal strip Southern Aceh.

When you look at this map, realise that almost all of those villages next to the sea & the rivers and their inhabitants will have been wiped out. This is just a few miles of the coast, but all the way up the coast it's like this, nearly everything will have been wiped out.
Southern Aceh

Satellite images of Aceh.

Here are two satellite images of Aceh from DigitalGlobe.
A city island packed with simple houses. You can see the houses, the mosque, their cars and their boats.

After the tsunami

This was after the tsunami. Everything is destroyed. For every person killed on 9/11, 50 people in Aceh died in this tsunami. Yes, fifty times worse than the destruction of the World Trade Center.

For more satellite images of tsunami devastated areas check out,

More information from DigitalGlobe. These are .pdf files around 1Mb each.

Sorry guys, Digital Images have changed the URL
or deleted the info below :-(

For an analysis of damage at Banda Aceh check out, Tsunami Aftermath: Banda Aceh

For an analysis of damage at Meulaboh check out, Tsunami Aftermath: Calang - Meulaboh

For an analysis of damage at Gleebruk, near Banda Aceh check out, Tsunami Aftermath: Gleebruk, near Banda Aceh

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