Digital Map of the World

MapInfo & Shapefile format

The Digital Map of the World, DMW, is a vector map of the world, in MapInfo TAB & ESRI Shapefile format, based upon the 1:1,000,000 Operational Navigation Charts & DCW from the U.S. Department of Defense. DMW is almost certainly the most detailed 1:1,000,000 world map in MapInfo format available.

The area covered by DMW 1, South Asia & Australia.

The area covered by DMW 2, Africa & S. America

The area covered by DMW 2a, Central & South America

The area covered by DMW 2b, Africa

The area covered by DMW 3, Europe & N. Asia

The area covered by DMW 4, North America & Pacific

Now available in
ESRI Shapefile format

The Digital Map of the World enables users develop detailed maps of any area in the DMW region, quickly. Using the DMW will reduce your map development time and costs considerably.

By re-grouping & aggregating data, removing redundant fields and optimising field size, hardware requirements have been reduced and data processing speeded up. DMW runs on a wide range of computers.

For full details on DMW, download DMW Details.

Ideal for transport and telecoms applications

The main use for the DMW data has been for vehicle tracking, transport planning and telecoms network planning applications.

DMW comes for 3 main regions and two sub-regions:
DMW 1 S. Asia & Australia
DMW 2 Africa & S. America
DMW 2a Central & South America
DMW 2b Africa
DMW 3 Europe & N. Asia

DMW Lite
This is a new dataset which covers the whole world but with only the key datasets. DMW Lite includes,
Coastlines Populated Places
Political Urban Sprawl
Borders Roads
Rivers Railways
Inland Waters Airfields

DMW Lite also comes with a variety of additional, non VMap0 datasets, including UTM zones, Lat-Lon grids and an additional dataset with over a quarter of a million places.

Check out these samples developed from DMW

Sample from DMW Lite, Shapfiles, in ArcView.

Sample from DMW 1, Shapfiles, in ArcView.

1. South & East Afghanistan

More Afghanistan maps below

1a. Kabul to Peshawar

2. North Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan & W. China

2a. Detail from the above map


3. South Vietnam & Cambodia

Price - MapInfo Format
DMW 1 S. Asia & Australia £400
DMW 2 Africa & S. America £400
DMW 2a Central & South America £300
DMW 2b Africa £300
DMW 3 Europe & N. Asia £400
DMW 4 N. America & Pacific £400
DMW Lite Whole World £400

Price - Shape File Format
DMW 1 S. Asia & Australia £350
DMW 2 Africa & S. America £350
DMW 2a Central & South America £250
DMW 2b Africa £250
DMW 3 Europe & N. Asia £350
DMW 3 N. America & Pacific £350
DMW Lite Whole World £350

I supply DMW datasets either over internet, ftp or attached to an email, or on CD sent by First Class Airmail post. I require payment before I send the data. Payment can be made over internet using a credit card through PayPal, check out, or by transfer direct to my bank. If you pay through PayPal and have the DMW sent over internet you can have the data on your computer within a few hours of your making the decision. If you pay by bank transfer and have the data on CD mailed to you it could take a couple of weeks.

An average DMW dataset is approximately 500Mb, when zipped they come down to around 180Mb. To receive a DMW dataset over internet you need a broadband internet service and a mail server which allows you to have files up to 90Mb attached to your email. A better solution is if your comapny has an FTP facility and I can transfer the files to you FTP.

For more ordering information contact
Peter Loud

Every week I receive a number of "enquiries" about purchasing datasets which are nothing more than an attempt to con me into sending free data. The perpetrators probably think they are being smart but because I see so many of these they waste my time and their own time. I am happy to answer genuine queries about the product, I enjoy talking about it, but if from the outset you have no intention to pay for data then you are wasting your time and my time. My websites show dozens of of sample maps made from DMW, probably far more samples than you'll find for any other dataset you are considering buying. I only send samples when there is a good reason for it, and usually they are not of the area and scale you hope for. The maps on my websites clearly show the level of detail of DMW and if you need a MapInfo or shapefile format datafile to test your software I'll send you a non-DMW file I apologise for this tone but if you knew the crap I got you'd understand.

Other Digital Maps by PL
I am also preparing a few 5° x 5° map tiles, based on the latest DMW. These map tiles are made up of 25-35 map/data layers. The most obvious difference between these map tiles and the DMW datasets is that in these map tiles the contour lines of the DMW have been converted to polygons, a time consuming task. Check out these samples under preparation and compare them with any others you can find. For more samples showing the level of detail on these maps check out Maps of Indonesia by Peter Loud.


These maps are based upon US Government data taken from the Operational Navigation Charts, the Digital Chart of the World and Vector Product Map. Any errors and omissions in these datasets will also appear in the Digital Map of the World series. Peter Loud holds no responsibility for errors, omisions and consequences thereof.

If you have a project which needs a digital map in MapInfo format contact me to discuss your needs.

For further information contact
Peter Loud

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