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I've never visited Cuba but it looks good, perhaps the only place left in the area that hasn't been spoilt by the US tourist industry and might still retain some of it's local culture. It's a shame that the economy has been deliberatly crippled by the US trade embargo, and just because in Cuba they want a political system which strives to benefit all of it's people equally.

In 1998 UNESCO tested primary-school pupils in 13 Latin American countries, Cuba came top. - Congratulations kids :-)

Map of Cuba

These maps have been developed from the
Digital Map of The World, DMW2a

Detailed Maps

South East Cuba

South East Cuba 2

Central Cuba E

Central Cuba W

Havana East

Havana West

West Cuba

Map of Guantanamo Bay

By a strange twist of history USA has what is virtually a perpetual lease on part of Cuba, The Guantanamo Naval Base. Because the Guantanamo Naval Base is not part of USA it is not subject to US laws and it is not subject to Cuban laws, the Bush administration says international conventions, agreements and laws do not apply and they can do whatever they want to there. This is where the USA has set up Gulag Guantanamo, a concentration camp where prisoners are routinely tortured, completely disregarding The Geneva Conventions. Several hundred prisoners, including children, are locked up in cages. If a zoo in USA kept animals in such conditions they would be breaking the law, and US citizens would be shocked. These prisoners might have broken some law, they might not, we'll probably never know. Most prisoners have not been charged with any crime. These guys are not allowed legal representatives of their choice, they are not being given trials which would be regarded as fair in any developed country except USA and Israel.

Literacy in Cuba - The Independent

BBC - Death Chamber Plan

LA Times - American Gulag

Amnesty International


More from the UK's Guardian

Children held at Camp Delta

the threat of infinite confinement, without trial or access to legal representation

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