Abuse, Threats & Impersonation from
Chris Robinson, (aka Breadon), 2.

Peter Loud

Here are a few of the crzy webpages etc. that Robinson has put on internet.

Here is another screen-dump of a Flickr webpage and a couple of Pinterest webpages that Robinson created using photos ripped off from my website.

Here is a more recent webpage, October 2013, Robinson created in Pinterest.com. This time he even used his own name and has the page in his Pinterest webspace. He states that these photographs were not taken by me. On most of them he has stripped of the "© Peter Loud". On one of them he even replaced it with the name of another photographer who was active on Tyneside in the 1970's. And no, I don't wear a kilt, and Dobbin's nose has been distorted in Photoshop.

. . . and another.

BTW, I have no idea what he is going on about when he mentions his dead mother, wife, daughters etc.

Robinson tied to get my website closed down.

These were found of the Nominet Facebook webpage.

Here is another of Robinson's crazy, abusive, libellous webpages. He thinks that the person who adds comments in the Independent using the name honchosmokebox is is me. He also thins I am another guy, pragmatist who makes comments in the Independent. He is wrong, but it seems to dominate his mind and he obsessively makes comments about it.

Here is a comment Robinson added to an article in The Independent, using the name Orde Wingate.
He has taken an obsessive dislike to a woman who writes under the names of Marsinah Jawa, or Kependela.
His threats against this woman seem to indicate that he is clinically insane and needs locking up.

Orde Wingate 50 minutes ago, 08/09/2014

The web pages on the tribe of Java and the tribes living in the island of Java number the tribal peoples of Java island in millions .

There are no known academics or writers of female origin and of Indonesian Javanese who have published anything on the hunter gatherers.

I have now three photographs of you. When I am next back in Britain I can ask casually among the SWP who you are as a long lost friend . In time I will have your name and will confront you andat any employment and place of employment you have with this record of abuse to my dead mother wife and daughter.

I got Pete Loud and another Ian Simpson's ID and d after three years both have been silenced. I intend to take matters into my own hands as do the SWP in legal matters. The record of violence by the SWP and UAF will come full circle madam

I think you underestimate the determination a male person has when his dead mother daughter and wife are abused by such low life as you. It will be life changing for you when we meet..

As before, I leave it to you to judge his character and mental state.

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Here are some of the email exchanges with Robinson.

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