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I started this website in 1997 as a maps website. Since then it has developed towards photography. Since 1997 webpage techniques have changed greatly so this now looks dated and simplistic. I need to re-create the website but it is a big job. When I checked, a few years ago, there were over 200 webpages, now there must be many more.

Originally it was maps of South East Asia, The Bahamas, Afghanistan, Iraq plus a load of traditional fiddle tunes but now most hits are on my photographic pages. A while back I was getting between 10,000 and 30,000 jpeg hits per day. (Now significantly reduced after Google changed their search criteria.) If you are not looking for anything in particular, I suggest that you try my photographs first.

The DMW, Digital Map of The World, is commercial data. The DMW is possibly the best VMap0/ONC/DCW 1:1,000,000 GIS dataset available, (depending on what you are trying to achieve). If your company wants to develop a GIS or maps like these check it out.

Photos, fiddling & other interests

Photographs by Peter Loud

Photo of fishing boat Childrens Friend Afghan youths in tea house
Golden Temple Guards
Garden Wildlife, (photos)
Swan & Cygnets
Tanker Tyne Pride
Pete's Penang, (photos)
Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang
Javanese Cap Batik
Cap Batik
Computer game based on

. .

Pete Loud's Collection of
Northumbrian & Tyneside
Traditional Tunes
for the Fiddle

My Battle with

British Gas

(A UK domestic issue)

Sailing from
Bali to Mauritius

Terrorism in Palestine

Flag, Israel/USA
Israeli Atrocities in Palestine
Threats, Abuse & Libel
on Internet
from a crazy guy.

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Map Websites by Peter Loud

Digital Map of the World

DMW GIS Dataset
Maps of Indonesia

Sulawesi map Bali map Bali Map
Maps of Afghanistan
Maps of Algeria

Map of Algeria
Maps of The Bahamas

Map Eleuthera
Maps of Yemen & Somalia
Map Yemen
Maps of Vietnam Map Vietnam
Maps of
The Philippines

Map Philippines
Maps of Iran Maps of Iraq
. .

Maps of Cuba

Map Cuba
Maps of Kashmir
Map Srinagar
Map of The Maldives

Maps Maldives

Maps of Areas Devastated by Tsunami, 2004

Maps of Aceh
Map Aceh
Map of Sri Lanka
Map Sri Lanka

Other assorted, partially developed, map sites.
  • Karakoram Region,
    . . North Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kashmir, Western China
  • Western Nepal & North India
  • Cape Horn
  • East Africa, Kilimanjaro

  • Oh Dear, recently I have upset two or three people by expressing my personal views on my webpages. All I can say is, "Tough". These, apart from the DMW website which is commercial, are my personal webpages. I prefer integrating my interests, my maps, my travel experiences and my views on what is happening in the countries. That my maps are some of the best maps on internet doesn't mean I shouldn't mix them with other interests of mine. If you don't share my views and as a result do not want to look at or buy my maps or tune-books, fair enough. I am retired, I live a very modest and very contented life, I don't need your business. I don't care if you do not like my anti-war views.

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